About Us


We strive to always be honest and do right by our customers.


We take pride in our craftsmanship and the products we make.


Our goal is always to deliver software that is superior in quality.


You can trust us to provide you with secure solutions that benefit your company.

We build from experience

FourPro Solutions is a software house that builds professional grade software on our own SDK and Core framework. Our vision is clear: we are going to be the leading digital platform for logistics and supply chain management. By utilizing our skills and knowledge, selecting high-quality tools and working with the right partners, we aim to deliver the absolute best products to you as our customer.

FourPro Solutions was founded in 2019. It all started when our founders, having worked together previously, decided to combine their knowledge and skills in a new business venture. In the beginning, we consisted of four employees providing professional IT services to professional customers—hence the name FourPro Solutions.

FourPro is now made up of a skilled group with altogether more than 100 years of experience working with software development. Our team has worked on large-scale data solutions within a range of industries, like hospitality, seafood and oil and gas. It is our opinion that experience is essential in order to build quality software. We employ our acquired expertise every step of the way when working for our customers.

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A better way of managing and sharing data

FourPro Solutions deliver professional logistics and supply chain management software, available on subscription. Our platform allows you to plan, manage and track the logistics for your company or project—providing you with greater control. The system is 100 % cloud-based. 

We use the Microsoft stack of products, as this provides us with the best tools and access to top technical resources. We focus on agile principles, DevOps and continuous integration and delivery. This means that our customers get quicker turnaround and access to new features.

You decide whether you want to use our software fully, or continue using some of your old systems. With our platform, data from different sources can be collected and displayed in one comprehensive system. The FourPro Integration Server (EIS) enables connections and interchange of data between the FourPro platform and Your LOB systems. We also organize the data to ensure that you get a system that is useful to you. With this, you can make decisions based on data—not beliefs.

Our software is made for easy and secure data sharing. By using our software, you and your partners get a shared platform where important information is made available across companies. This creates greater predictability for all parties.

Our platform will help you

● Connect with partners and collaborate more easily

● Improve information flow between different parties

● Increase efficiency by having data accessible to those who need it

● Plan your resource utilization better

● Reduce unnecessary costs resulting from poor resource management

● Improve workplace safety by creating thorough plans

● Reduce uncertainty with a clear overview of the project timeline

Replace manual operations with automated data

The founders & mangement

Professional software startup, with only senior technical resources that focuses on building an industry changing platform of tomorrow in cooperation with our customers.

Ove J. Skants

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Before FourPro Solutions Ove Worked as Lead Solution Architect at Aker BP, one of Europe’s biggest independent O&G companies. His Background includes several years as a CTO for Cenium, a Microsoft stack based company and GISV for Microsoft within hospitality. Before his IT career, he was working in the logistics industri, ending with the role as Logistics manager for one of the worlds biggest seafood companies.

Ove has a background in mechanical engineering and economics.

Kjetil Eraker Samuelsen

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Kjetil is an experienced Software Engineer with over 25 years experience building enterprise software for a variety of industries, both cloud-based and on-premise. Prior to FourPro, Kjetil was a Senior Software Architect at Cenium AS where he was responsible for designing and building their application platform. His background also FAST/Microsoft and IFS to mention a few.

Kjetil has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Agder University and lives in Chicago, IL.

Isak Sigurjon Einarsson

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Isak is responsible for designing and coding the application offerings for FourPro Solutions. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as a senior architect in the software industry, defining, building and implementing solutions for the hospitality industry. Before that, he worked as a software developer for Advania, primarily focusing on business applications within the ERP platform.

Isak holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Aalborg

Morten Evje

Co-Founder & Developer Lead

Before FourPro Solutions Morten worked as a Senior Developer at Aker BP, one of Europe’s biggest independent Oil and Gas companies. His background includes several years as a software developer for Cenium, a Microsoft stack based company and GISV for Microsoft within hospitality.

Morten has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Oslo University College.

Christopher Hoftun

Chief Commercial Officer

Hoftun is an innovation and digitalization specialist and has channeled his passion for innovation through a human-centered approach that meet needs of people with possibilities of technology, merged into products that revolutionize the ways we work. After finalizing his MSc. at the University of Stavanger, he co-founded the Mars Institute in Norway after a year at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. He then served as Vice President of Space Systems at Zaptec in 2015 (listed in Oslo Stock Exchange in 2020). He took the position of Innovation & Digitalization Manager (later Chief Digitalization Officer) at ASCO Norge before leaving in 2021 to found the software company Enluminite, which was later bought by FourPro Solutions.

Hoftun also holds an Innovation & Technology degree from Stanford University and a Kaizen Lean Black Belt.